Securing Your Wireless Network

Setting up a wireless router is easy. Essentially you turn your cable or DSL modem and your wireless router. Next, connect the router with a cable to the modem and the modem on. They are more or less done. The wireless network wizard rout back on your computer and if your ISP does not have any special requirements, off you go, you’re on the Internet.

A MAC address is a unique hexadecimal number that was burned in a cycle of network devices by the manufacturer. In most cases, a peripheral MAC network is, without the use of an instruction called “ipconfig” invisible. By going to the command prompt and typing “ipconfig / all” (without the quotation marks), your computer can “Physical Address” The physical address is the MAC address to find and usually is as follows:. 00-0F -1F-D5-6A-37. Theoretically, no two MAC addresses in the world are the same.

Once you have the modem number, enter it in the desired range, as mentioned above and are looking for. Click the Downloads tab, select the hardware version from the dropdown menu, and it will bring next mentioned the last updated file size Firmware. Click on the download link and it will come with the Save File option (automatically selected). Click the OK button and save a location on your computer where it is easily accessible from. Give the file a name for easy identification in the next steps.

IP is like your address – if you have it, do not go to a “factor” in your mailbox. So if you talk to your provider and get a static IP address, your messages are not to miss your server.

If you are interested with another host in the establishment of a connection, you can verify connectivity by sending echo request to the host IP address, eg If you are fetched with an echo response, the connection is confirmed to another host.

All wireless network equipment supports some form of encryption. Encryption, the data prior to delivery to the recipient are scrambled. The computer receives the information, needs to know how to decode the data in order to make them usable. You must use the strongest encryption technology that allows your equipment. WPA is stronger encryption than WEP. If your home wireless network WPA encryption has to use it.

If you have never used Remote Desktop, do not worry. It is a simple function that makes what is being said, you can present your desktop to a customer. -> Programs – If you are looking in the Start> Accessories -> Communications, you get to see a remote desktop client application.

On the main PC (server) open the Control Panel -> double click Network Connections -> right-click your network connection (the one the two PC Connect) and select Properties -> Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and click “Properties” , Click Use the following IP address and the IP address: Subnet Mask:, leave blank by default the weekend. Select the following DNS server addresses, but leave blank.

Once your Web browser to open the default gateway the look of your wireless router screen for an option that allows you to see the IP address of 2wire wireless game adapter. Once you wirelessly in the list is found, click View All the IP address to see.

These parameters are sufficient for LAN and run as usual in IP Settings page, you have other options you can set long as you have installed the service on your network. For example, DNS, gateway or WINS.